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What happens if I need to cancel/ re-schedule my appointment?2021-08-06T23:15:33+00:00

In the event that you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please contact Cognitive Consultancy Company as soon as practicably possible, to ensure that your appointment can be offered to another person. Please note that a minimum 48 hours’ notice is required for a cancellation or re-scheduling of an appointment to avoid a 100% session fee.

Is telehealth as effective as face-to-face sessions?2021-08-06T23:13:01+00:00

Psychological treatment provided using videoconferencing technology has been found to be as effective as a face-to-face appointment for a variety of mental health problems. Your GP and psychologist will talk to you about whether telehealth consultations are appropriate and suitable for you.

What do I need to access a telehealth service?2021-08-06T23:12:36+00:00

For videoconferencing you will need access to a quiet, private space, a device (e.g., smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer) with a camera, microphone and speakers and a reliable broadband internet connection. If you don’t have the necessary equipment for videoconferencing it may be possible to access telehealth equipment through your GP or local community centre or alternatively you could access services by telephone.

Can I access the 20 telehealth Medicare rebated sessions as a result of COVID-19?2021-08-06T23:12:07+00:00

The number of sessions to be provided via telehealth are the same as those that you would have received as face-to-face sessions under the Medicare-funded program. For example, if you are receiving services under a Mental Health Treatment Plan you can receive up to 20 telehealth sessions per calendar year (which must be completed by 31 December 2021).

What is Telehealth?2021-08-07T07:29:32+00:00

All of Cognitive Consultancy Company sessions (minus cognitive and memory assessments) are conducted via telehealth (phone or video), using FaceTime, Zoom or Coviu. The reason Cognitive Consultancy Company opted for a telehealth only service was to allow responsive care during COVID-19 for clients whose symptoms were exacerbated (made worse by current circumstances).

How long will my session be?2021-08-07T07:30:44+00:00

Typically, sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Though, if it is your initial session, psychometrics are administered and more information is gathered, therefore, this session takes approximately 60-75 minutes. In the event that you have scheduled a cognitive, memory or vocational assessment, times vary dependent upon each assessment.

Can I receive a Medicare or private health insurance rebate when I see a psychologist?2021-08-07T07:32:27+00:00

If you have a referral from a GP or a psychiatrist for a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you’ll be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate of  $88.25 (for a general psychologist) per session.

Private Health Insurance:
If you have private health insurance that includes psychological counselling as extras cover you may be eligible for a partial rebate. We recommend you contact your individual insurance provider for further information about your individual coverage.

How does confidentiality work with a psychologist?2021-08-06T22:46:49+00:00

All information that you disclose in your session with a psychologist is confidential. There are two exceptions to this rule: if you’re at risk of harming yourself or someone else; and in relation to court orders. If either situation becomes relevant, we’ll discuss it with you.

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist?2021-08-06T23:08:53+00:00

No – You can book to see a psychologist as a private client whenever you like. Though, you may wish to arrange an appointment with your GP to arrange a referral to receive a rebate as this will allow you access to a Medicare Rebate.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the Medicare rebate?2021-08-07T07:34:23+00:00

You can make an appointment with your GP to assess whether you’re eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. This will enable you to claim a Medicare rebate of $88.25 (for a general psychologist) per session. To claim the Medicare rebate for your session, you’ll need to bring a copy of your Mental Health Treatment Plan and a referral letter from your GP to your first appointment with your psychologist.


What should I expect from my first session?2021-08-07T07:37:58+00:00

During your first session, we’ll briefly run through important paperwork with you. This includes completing a form with basic personal information and a consent form that cover issues such as confidentiality, fees and other important information about sessions. If you’ve been referred by a GP or psychiatrist, we’ll discuss the details of your Mental Health Treatment Plan. After we complete the paperwork, the rest of the session is typically spent discussing the issues that have brought you into therapy.

How many sessions should I see a psychologist for?2021-08-07T07:50:18+00:00

Ultimately, everybody is different. How many sessions you see a psychologist for will depend on your own personal goals, and what brings you to therapy. Some people attend therapy to discuss concerns pertaining to their childhood and and as such, may attend therapy for longer periods of time. While others may attend therapy to discuss their mental health and develop coping strategies to assist with this, this may involve attending therapy for a short to mid term period. Likewise, some people attend therapy sessions on a one off basis, or for only a few sessions. It will be beneficial to discuss your personal circumstances with Cognitive Consultancy Company to ascertain a best approach for you.

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