Individual Therapy

We have providing therapy to individuals for more than four years and place a high value in using approaches that are informed by the best available theory and research.

We believe that therapy needs to be flexible and adapted to your particular situation, background and potential, and that treatment has to resonate with you and your needs.


Anxiety can affect your relationships, your social life, your employment and your general everyday activities.


Depression can cause feelings of fatigue, loneliness, no motivation and an array of other debilitating impacts.

Alcohol Use

Alcohol use can exacerbate a number of co-occurring mental health conditions and long term impacts.

Substance Use

Substance use can cause concerns for the user and their loved ones.

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We have a specialised interest in conducting cognitive, psycho-educational and vocational assessments.

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

The WAIS is reported to be the gold standard of adult cognitive intelligence (IQ) assessments. This assessment can be beneficial in assessing academic and occupational competencies.

Wechsler Memory Scale

These tests measure different memory functions in an individual, designed to assess a person’s brain strengths and weaknesses.

Wechsler Intelligence for Children (WISC)

Like the WAIS, the WISC is considered to be the gold standard in assessing the cognitive intelligence (IQ) of children.

Career Assessment Inventory – Enhanced Version

This assessment is used to advise clients on career development, comparing scores and interests to 111 specific careers and reflect a range of technical and professional positions

Career Assessment Inventory –Vocational Version

This assessment can assist to guide current students to focus on their patterns of interest or explore new career options or are considering a career change.

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