Individual Therapy

We have providing therapy to individuals for more than four years and place a high value in using approaches that are informed by the best available theory and research.

We believe that therapy needs to be flexible and adapted to your particular situation, background and potential, and that treatment has to resonate with you and your needs.

Service Description Cost Rebate
Initial Consultation for ongoing sessions – Includes mandated psychometrics and other appropriate psychometrics

Approx. 60-75 minutes

Assessment for the presenting/ referring concern and discussion of treatment goals. $220 ($131.75 with MHCP). $88.25 with Mental Health Care Treatment Plan (MHCP)
Individual Session for ongoing sessions.

All approx. 50-minute sessions.

Treatment for the presenting/ referring concerns. $180 ($91.75 with MHCP). $88.25 with Mental Health Care Treatment Plan (MHCP)
Cognitive Assessment WISC (Children), WAIS (Adult) Individualised report  included in the cost of the assessment. $1000 Not available
Memory Assessment WMS
Individualised report and feedback session included in the price of the assessment.
$700 Not Available
Functional Assessment CAI-ENH (at least four years post-secondary training)

CAI-VOC (at least two years post-secondary training)

15 minute feedback session and interpretative report included in price.

$200 Not available
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